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Friday, June 21, 2024 1:26 PM

Air Compressor Service - Air Leak Audit

Compressed air leak detection tools are extremely important because a small air compressor leak can cause energy bills to increase significantly. Because most leaks are inaudible to the human ear, often drowned out by the sound of the air compressor itself or the daily noises of a busy workplace, they aren’t detected until owners open their utility bill and find a significant increase in the power usage. Luckily, proper air leak detection tools feature the specialized technology necessary to detect ultrasonic sound, even in the loudest working environments.

Although you may not realize it, a compressor leak somewhere in your system may be costing you thousands of dollars without you even knowing. Whether it’s one especially large hole or many little ones, all that air leaking through the hoses is essentially money flying out your window. Consider how much energy your compressor consumes daily and how much money that translates to on your power utility usage bill. Now reduce that amount by almost a quarter and you will have an estimated amount of how much you can save simply with a breif Air Leak Audit done by our professional technicians.

Energy savings for many of our customers have added up into the thousands, all by simply checking for air compressor leaks and patching small holes. NPS Compressed Air Solutions can help you become one of these success stories with our air audits.

For almost 20 years, NPS Compressed Air Solutions has provided air leak detection services and products at affordable prices. We have a team of knowledgeable professionals who can come out to your business and perform an air audit to determine if any of your compressors have any leaks in them. If our state-of-the-art detection tools locate a leak, we have the expertise necessary to repair it and get your air compressor functioning just like new again.

For more information about our detection systems, maintenance services, or to schedule an inspection Please call or e-mail us today.

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