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Dental | Hospital | Medical Air Compressors

Medical Grade Compressed Air Solutions are Essential for Patient Health in Healthcare Facilities all over the world

Many surgical tools, like pneumatic drills, used in hospitals and other medical facilities utilize compressed air for added power, even pressure, and precision during operations and other procedures. Compressed air is achieved by pulling ambient air into a compressor and putting this air under pressure. Since ambient air is usually full of dust, dirt, and other pollutants, specialized accessories are needed to achieve medical grade compressed air, which ensures the health of the patient is not compromised. This level of air must be free of oil, water, hydrocarbons, rust particles, and any contaminants that may pose the threat of infection.

NPS Compressed Air Solutions has been serving companies worldwide especially the Mid-East Region with professional and reliable compressed air services since 1994. Our compressed air specialists can advise your medical facility on the right air dryers, air filters, air regulators, and more to ensure you achieve the precise medical grade compressed air output you need for patient safety.

Dental Grade Compressed Air Solutions

A dental air compressor is an integral part of a full-service dental office. Not only is it necessary to have a dental air compressor that can stand up to everyday use, but your machine must also be reliable enough to not suddenly break and cause problems in your dental offices and prevent you from performing your daily duties. NPS Compressed Air Solutions can help with our wide selection of dental air compressor products and services.

NPS Compressed Air Solutions is an authorized Ingersoll-Rand dealer, a brand that makes the best dental air compressors in the industry. Further, because we’ve been in business since 1994, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to work on virtually any dental air compressor, regardless of make or model. While your dental air compressor is being serviced, take advantage of our rental services so you can keep going with your daily operations while getting your current compressor serviced or repaired.

Perhaps more than any other field, a medical air compressor must be reliable, durable, and ready for anything, just like the professionals who use it. When you need dependability like that, it is essential to choose a manufacturer you can trust and a distributor who will be there when you need them.

NPS Compressed Air Solutions is proud to be an authorized dealer for Ingersoll-Rand products. However, we also have air compressor solutions from other manufacturers such as Atlas-Copco, Compair, Elmo Reischle, Gardner Denver, Holman, Kaeser, and more. When you want a high-quality medical air compressor and accessories offering exceptional air purity, we can help you. Not only do we offer the exceptional durability and reliability of new compressors, but we also have many used makes and models. Inspected to ensure quality, our used compressors offer a more affordable option for your medical air compressor.

For more information on purchasing, renting, or repairing a dental air compressor, call or e-mail NPS Compressed Air Solutions today.


Our Inventory of Products for your Dental | Hospital | Medical Air Compressors include

Air Filters   •   Air Hoses   •   Air Line Filters   •   AirEnds   •   Drain Solenoid Valve for compressed air line filters & Air dryers   •   Drive Belts   •   Dryers   •   Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters   •   Inlet Valves   •   Inline Filter Elements   •   Intercoolers   •   Lubricants   •   O Rings   •   Oil Filters   •   Oil Stop Valve Kits   •   Pressure Sensors   •   Pressure Switch   •   Seal Kits   •   Separator Elements   •   Service Kits   •   Solenoid Valves   •   Tanks   •   Temperature Sensors   •   Thermostatic Valves   •   Timers   •   Vacuum Pump Spare Parts   •   Valve Kits   •  


We offer a full range of services for your Dental | Hospital | Medical Air Compressors

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