AIR COMPRESSOR PARTS. AIR COMPRESSOR PRODUCTS, AIR COMPRESSOR FILTERS, AIR COMPRESSORS REPLACEMENT PARTS IN JORDAN. Compressed Air Parts and Accessories for sale. Buy compressed air parts. Easy to shop website for air compressors replacement parts and accessories, all air compressors brands and manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, ALMiG, Broomwade, Compair, Demag, Elmo Rietschle, Gardner Denver, Hanshin, Hitachi, Holman, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Sullair, Wilkerson Air Compressors. We carry and sell a full range of Air Compressor Parts including Air Filters, Air Hoses, Air Line Filters, Airends, Drive Belts, Dryers, Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters, Inlet Valves, Inline Filter Elements, Intercoolers, Lubricants, O Rings, Oil Filters, Oil Stop Valve Kits, Pressure Sensors, Pressure Switch, Seal Kits, Separator Elements, Service Kits, Solenoid Valves, Tanks, Temperature Sensors, Thermostatic Valves, Timers, Vacuum Pump Spare Parts, Valve Kits, And Other Air Compressor Parts and Compressed Air Replacement Parts and Accessories. We also have Used compressors and used air dryers and other used air compressor equipment for sale at low prices. We sell a wide selection of air compressors and compressed air parts and accessories for your convenience. In addition we offer Air compressors repair, service, inspection, installation and maintenance as well as airend overhauling and airend rebuild and repair. We sell Air Compressor Parts from air filters, oil filters, separators and service kits for sale. Atlas copco air compressors, ingersoll rand air compressors, air compressors air filters, air compressors oil filters, air compressors products, in line filters and air compressor lubricants for sale. Shop for all your Air Compressors and Compressed Air Parts here at the lowest prices ever. We rent air compressors anywhere in the middle east including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Iraq and Egypt. We offer the best prices in the middle east region and the whole world. We are an authorized distributor.
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The Compressor Professor

National Plant Sales is a long established global distributor and supplier of replacement Air Compressor Parts and Accessories especially the Middle East Region. The company was established in 1994 with an aim is to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality compressed-air parts and air compressor parts for all brands and manufacturers of air compressors including Atlas-Copco, Broomwade, Compair, Demag, Elmo Reischle, Gardner Denver, Hydrovane, Ingersoll-Rand, Kaeser, Sullair and Wilkerson Air Compressors.

We provides a full range of products and services for your air compressor needs from Brand New Air Compressors and Used Air Compressors to Air Compressor Service Kits, Air Compressor Oil Filters, Air Compressor Air Filters, Air Compressor Separators, In-Line Elements, Lubricants, Airend Overhauling and repair as well as other Compressed-Air Parts & Accessories.

NPS-Jordan supplies air compressor parts and

Air Filters   •   Air Hoses   •   Air Line Filters   •   AirEnds   •   Drain Solenoid Valve for compressed air line filters & Air dryers   •   Drive Belts   •   Dryers   •   Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters   •   Inlet Valves   •   Inline Filter Elements   •   Intercoolers   •   Lubricants   •   O Rings   •   Oil Filters   •   Oil Stop Valve Kits   •   Pressure Sensors   •   Pressure Switch   •   Seal Kits   •   Separator Elements   •   Service Kits   •   Solenoid Valves   •   Tanks   •   Temperature Sensors   •   Thermostatic Valves   •   Timers   •   Vacuum Pump Spare Parts   •   Valve Kits   •